Friday, July 9, 2010

Meet the bakety bakers!

Hello there! It's us again. We figured you might want to know a little something about us if you were going to be taking baking advice. Then again you could be saying "I don't give a crap about you, show me more yummies!" Well screw you buddy! We are pleasant and delightful and everyone loves us!

Meet Amity!

Amity is the brains behind this operation. She is the baker of the two of us. I'm just here for taste testing and comic relief. Amity loooooves to eat as you can see.

She grew up in Kansas where butter is considered a vegetable and therefore everything she makes is super fantastically delicious. Amity now lives in LA and if you ever want any advice on what bakery has the best cupcake, she's your chick.

And Gina!

Okay that's me! I guess I lied before. I do bake a little. In this picture I was making an Italian Easter pie which basically gets filled with about 80 pounds of meats and cheeses. I like to get dressed up in wacky outfits as you can see.

I grew up in New Jersey which means I know everything there is to know about awesome. I live in LA right now where I perform sketch and improv comedy at different theaters including UCB. If you ever want any advice on how to tell a good poop joke, I'm your chick.

Thanks for visiting our blog! Leave us a comment and tell us what you think! Have a nice day!

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  1. I need advice on how to tell a cupcake poop joke stat!!!