Monday, September 12, 2011

Früute Tasting

Yuzu tart

Früute is a tart shop. They make mini tarts with organic ingredients: flavorful fillings in perfect flaky crusts. My good friend, Erin, and I purchased a Groupon for a private tasting at Früute in West Hollywood. For a mere $20 each we were able to sample 6 tarts and take home 4 with us. At $3 a tart, this was a steal. The tart case looked like this:

So many flavors, where do we start?

Snowball and Matcha tarts. I have yet to try these flavors!

Plenty of pecan tarts at the beginning of the evening.

Not so many Bailys Puff and Sea Salt Caramel tarts left at the end.

Erin and a Black Pepper tart.
The following flavor descriptions were taken right off the Früute website. If you'd like to see more photos and descriptions of their tarts, head on over!

Black Pepper: Pepper infused bittersweet chocolate with a forest berry center, layered with frangipane in a chocolate crust, topped with candied black pepper crisp and blueberries.

Wasabi: A rare blend of spicy Japanese and a blood orange center, layered with vanilla frangipane in a pistachio crust, garnished with mint leaf tempura.

Sea-Salt Caramel: A mosaic of macadamia, sea-salt caramel, dried berries and honey in a chocolate crust, topped with blackberry and sea-salt.

Pecan: Baked pecan with moscovado sugar and maple fudge in a vanilla crust, topped with a baby raspberry cream puff.

Bailys Puff: Irish cream with chocolate pearls in a vanilla crust, topped with airy profiteroles drizzled with  chocolate.

This was the 7th (surprise!) tart we got to taste in our tasting. Budino: comforting creamy butterscotch pudding in a chocolate crust, topped with a caramel filled macaron. 

Créme Brulee: madagascar vanilla cream custard in a vanilla crust, topped with torched sugar and apricot slice.

My absolute favorite tart was the passion fruit tart. There's no photo of this one because once it was in my hand, I forgot myself and immediately scarfed the tart without snapping a photo. 

The women hosting the tasting event informed us there would be Fall flavors coming out soon with fig, apple and pumpkin all being possible tart flavors. Pumpkin?! I would've jumped for joy at that news but I had a tummy ache from eating 7 tarts.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Too hot to bake!

Cupcake in a cone from Milk on Beverly Blvd.

It's been too hot to turn on the oven and bake anything. But that doesn't mean we've stopped eating goodies. (Well, Gina has and has even gone to boot camp in 100+ degree temps. But not I!)

Moon Pie from Milk.

Cute cupcake earrings my sister sent me for my birthday!

Monsieur Marcel is a little French import shop in the Grove's farmer's market.

If this is what Vienna tastes like, I'll eat that entire city!

Homemade Oreo from Milk.

Fall baking is just around the corner but right now... there's no rush.