Thursday, July 8, 2010


Hello bakety bakers! Thanks for coming to our blog. We are going to have tons of tasty treats on here to tickle your taste buds and treat your teats (sorry I ran out of other T words). We love going to blogs with lots of pictures so you'll find a ton here of the finished products. Don't worry if yours doesn't look like ours, we're pros (sort of) and have spent a lot of time getting these right (mostly). Come back often to check out new stuff we added and we won't tell anyone about the time you ate raw cake batter while watching Steel Magnolias in the dark.


  1. Blog looks fantastic ladies. I love the Snickerdoodle cupcake (I think) pictured. And it wasn't cake batter and Steel Magnolias it was frosting and Clueless thank you very much.

  2. That frosting in the picture looks amazing! Please do a bit on this frosting! :-)