Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Drunken Udder Ice Cream and The Platinum Blonde Chef's ice cream sandwich tasting!

Recently, I was invited to a tasting event at Ma'kai Lounge with Drunken Udder ice cream and the Platinum Blonde Chef. They'd combined forces to make some very incredible and unique ice cream sandwiches. The tasting was to help the chefs decide on the best flavor combinations with Drunken Udder's alcohol infused ice creams and The Platinum Blonde's gourmet cookies to be debuted at LA Times The Taste Desserts After Dark this weekend in Beverly Hills. 

The tasting event started at 6 pm and I don't believe in being fashionably late (plus I didn't want them to run out of ice cream and cookies before I got there) so I rolled up on Ma'kai Lounge in Santa Monica with my pal, Meredith right at 6 on the dot. We were pretty much the first ones there which meant that we got some great one-on-one attention with the two chefs, Nicci Piscitelli of Drunken Udder Ice Cream and The Platinum Blonde Chef (a.k.a. Red Velvet Stefanie.) The chefs told us they weren't quite ready to start yet but invited us to sit and chat. I'd never gotten to meet Stefanie before and had been a fan for quite a while so this was very exciting! 

The chefs gave us a sheet for scoring the different flavors of ice cream and cookies we were about to try. Also on the sheet was Tweeting information to use during the course of the tasting. I don't know how to Tweet! I tried to figure it out but eventually I settled for Facebooking it.

The hot chick in the purple dress next to me is named Cassie and has a blog called The Cupcake Diary that is incredible! The photos she has on that blog are pure artwork. 

After I figured out that I didn't know how to Tweet and probably never would, I ordered some garlic fries to snack on while I waited for the main event. Ma'kai Lounge had some drink and food deals to go along with the tasting event. These garlic fries were some of the best fries I've ever stuffed into my face and were only $3. 

Below, is a photo of the event and yes, that's the beautiful Platinum Blonde Chef there in the lower right hand corner. 

Hi, Stefanie!
Here is a photo of Nicci chatting to us after serving us our first choice of the evening. She's thought of flavor combinations and ideas I've never even dreamed of. I loved chatting with her. She's definitely a very creative woman!

My good friend, Erin, tries her first ice cream sammie.

My first choice was roasted banana ice cream, bruleed mini marshmallows, honey caramel swirl and bourbon. It was strong but oh so delicious.  

Dainty bites just for the photo.

Meredith enjoys a toasted coconut and rum ice cream on a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie.

Erin thinks she's found a winner.

I had to decide if the peanut butter ice cream with bananas and fluff swirl would go best with a chocolate chip cookie or a brownie cookie.
Or maybe it would go best on a peanut butter cookie.

I've nearly reached a decision.

No, wait just one more flavor combination.

Okay time to get off the fence.

My final decison. Finally.

Although these were my final choices, I just can't stop thinking about The Platinum Blonde's peanut butter cookies. They were so good! So perfect, full of peanut butter flavor, chewy. Probably better than my mom's peanut butter cookies.

After the tasting, Meredith and I walked across the street to look at the sunset over the ocean.

Santa Monica Pier

Hellz yeah, bitches!

I'd never done a tasting event before and I had a ball! Also, I know it looks like Meredith and I are drunk from all that boozy ice cream but we were totally safe to drive. For reals.

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